Our partners

Limonetik is an online payment facilitator dedicated to e-retailers allowing them to cash in many payment methods securely.

It has been used by VeePee Voyages since 2014.

Unilend, France's leading crowdlending based on paid lending, has chosen us as a partner since its launch in November 2013.

LYDIA is a mobile application developed by Lydia Solutions, which includes:

- sending and receiving money, in an instant, with a mobile,

- paying via smartphone at affiliated merchants.

Lydia also offers a physical payment card and virtual payment cards.

CashSentinel offers a service to secure transactions for motor vehicles' sales.

The solution secures and thus facilitates the act of sale between buyers and sellers.

CashSentinel has been on the market in Switzerland since 2015. For its deployment in France, CashSentinel wanted to rely on SFPMEI as a Payment Services Provider.

Spendesk allows companies to manage their expenses and employee expenses by card and transfer on a single platform.

Kard offers services (account, IBAN and payment card) for families.

Blank provides freelancers and craftmen with financial services offering several services to manage their business.