Our skills

Electronic money and payment services


SFPMEI, an issuer of electronic money for more than 20 years , has all the necessary licenses to develop and provide electronic money services in the European Economic Area.


Our license also covers all payment services (except for the transmission of funds).

SFPMEI is also approved as Visa and Mastercard principal member issuer and has entered into a partnership with Bankable, technical platform for processing and account management, enabling to issue and manage VISA cards and IBAN.

Our expertise in these fields is at the disposal of our partners.

Means of payment’s security 


When issuing payment instruments, the French Central Bank requires payment services’ providers to ensure the security of those services.


In this context, SFPMEI has experts capable of examining the level of security of IT and technical environment implemented as part of the payment service you wish to provide.


SFPMEI assists you in carrying out the changes necessary to bring your system into compliance with the security requirements.

Anti-money laundering 

The fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism is at the heart of our activity.

The obligations of identification, follow-up and monitoring are strong regulatory requirements, which implementation is necessary to ensure the compliance of payment systems.


SFPMEI has the skills and tools to secure the use of payment systems. 


Internal Control




Internal control represents all procedures and controls contributing to the identification and management of risks specific to the provision of financial services. As a cornerstone of regulation, internal control notably requires the formalization of business procedures, sensitive for your activity.


Our teams help you to organize and implement a quality internal control system that will quickly become an added value for your company.


Customer Protection

Customer protection is at the heart of banking. The regulations and recommendations of the banking autority require any company wishing to operate in the payment market to comply with obligations to provide information, management of complaints, processing of personal data, etc.


SFPMEI supports you throughout the development of your offer and ensure optimal protection of your customers.


Regulatory reporting

Our 20 years of experience and close relation with the French banking authorities, both ACPR and the French Central Bank, give us a privileged knowledge of the authorities' expectations.


Within the framework of our partnerships, the regulatory reports activity are fully managed by SFPMEI, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

The SFPMEI is a payment service provider (institution code 14378) approved and controlled by ACPR ("Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution")


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